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One Treatment One Day

Intraoperative radiation therapy shortens the treatment time from 6.5 weeks to 1 day.
In our clinic, Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) is being used to treat breast cancer. It is a newer form of partial breast radiation which is done from start to finish in the operating room.

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Radiation Oncology UCLA

Nationally recognized and offering treatments for:

• Brachytherapy
• Breast Cancer
• Lymphoma
• Prostate Cancer
• Lung Cancer

• Pituitary
• Brain Tumors
• Sarcoma

Carolina Shaw

Carolina's Story

Documenting Her Breast Cancer Journey - When Carolina Shaw was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was devastated. With no history of cancer in her family, the news of her diagnosis came as a shock. She squeezed her husband's hand in what was one of the most difficult moments of her life.
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Vicky Mezquita and David Mezquita

Teens Extend Help To Family of Girl With Liver Cancer

When Myra and David Mezquita of the South Bay had triplets, they knew they were blessed even though they had their hands more than full caring for the new arrivals as well as their teenagers. Then one of the triplets, Vicky, was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed a transplant, which was performed at UCLA. Things seemed to be going well at first. But sadly, less than a year later, Vicky was diagnosed with recurrent cancer in her new liver.
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David Demanes, MD, FACRO
David Demanes, MD, FACRO
Radiation Oncology

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